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January 11, 2009

A few beautiful things...

Yesterday when we were at my mom & dad's house the kids found a butterfly that wasn't flying away, so I was able to get some beautiful pictures of it. I figured that it must have been hurt since they said that they picked it up, usually they fly away too fast to be able to catch them. I saw after taking these close-up shots that the poor butterfly's wing had a piece torn off. Not only is the butterfly beautiful, but so are my dad's flowers!
This one is my favorite!
This is one of the many beauties of Arizona! We have some really beautiful sunsets. I was trying to take pictures while we were driving out to my brother's house tonight, most didn't turn out good since were were actually in driving mode. But I was able to get these shots when we stopped at the light, unfortunately the only shot had to have the electric wires in it! It's still beautiful IMO!

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