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May 05, 2011

Darla's Memory Potato Salad

Received this recipe from one of my best friends Darla.  When I first tried this I wanted seconds after the first bite.  So good!!  She told me recipe came from a friend of hers who has passed away, hence the "Memory" in the name!
My changes are listed at the bottom.
5lb bag of Potatoes
Full Jar of Real Mayo
1 lb Bacon, cooked till crispy
2 Celery Sticks, diced
Salt, Pepper and Onion Powder to taste

Scrub potatoes, DONT PEEL, Leave the skins on, cut in half, boil until tender but not mushy. Drain when they r done and let them-cool all the way. While potatoes are cooling cook bacon till crispy. Dice up the celery. When potatoes are cool run a knife thru them so they are in smaller pieces. Add the Mayo, Celery, Bacon and seasonings then mix.

Taste the best fresh, rather then cold from fridge.

My Changes:  I used Red Potatoes, because I know they hold up great when boiling and because of using the red I was able to cut the potatoes in 8ths instead of halves.  I also used the Olive Oil Mayo (which is 1/2 the fat and I think it tastes the same).  Next time I will probably add at least two more sticks of celery (because I like the little crunch you get).  My hubby said he thought there was to much mayo, so I will probably only use 3/4 of the jar next time.  But I loved it so you will need to see for yourself & your family what you like.  Enjoy!!!

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