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December 19, 2008

Tea-n-Hot Cocoa

I love Peppermint Tea before I go to bed, it helps me sleep
I also love Hot Cocoa, with Peppermint Stick in it.
So I just tried this last night. I steeped myself a mug of Herbal Peppermint Tea, let it sit for a minute, then squeezed the bag and tossed it. Then added 1 packet of Cocoa to my mug of tea and stired. It was way different then adding the Candy Cane to the Cocoa but it tasteded great and it didn't have the added sugar from the candy that I don't need, plus I get the benefit of the Herbal tea.

So If you like tea and you like Cocoa, you must try your favorites together!
Its really great on a cold night!

If you don't like tea, you can also try Peppermint Extract -Or Your favorite flavor in an extract - get the Flavor without the sugar!

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