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August 02, 2010

Bosch Rolls

(although my friend, Ryan likes to call them "FLATS")
Add to bowl:
4 C. flour
1 /4 C. heaping yeast
5 tsp. salt
1 /3 minus 2 tsp. dry milk
Add: 4 C. Warm water
*Mix: take lid off & let yeast rise (about 10- 15 minutes).
2 /3 C. sugar
3 eggs
2 /3 C. butter
6 cups flour
*Mix, if needed add 1-2 more cups of flour.
Once flour is mixed in turn bosch to high & knead for 8-10 minutes.
*Oil counter, cover and let dough rise on oiled surface until doubled in size (about 10 minutes)
* make rolls or form into bread pans and let rise again until just about top of pan.
** Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

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