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May 06, 2009

...To Know Her Is To Love Her...

I know our blog is basically for Recipes and such,
but because of Mothers Day I wanted to honor my mother.
This one post is dedicated to her.
Mom, you walk through life with difficulties,
but never waver from Compassion.
Pain envelops your body,
but you always give with a sincere heart.
Even still through the hardships you bore 6 children
and you give to each of us all that you can.
Each day you endure pain,
but you are always there to listen,
to give, to encourage, to love and support.
Never in my life have I met a person
I'm more proud of
I would love to give my children,
what you have given to me.
Everyone you meet loves you,
because you are genuine and sincere.
People are drawn towards you
because you generate Peace and Comfort.

On this day, that is labeled as mine,
my mothers and hers too,
All I want is to thank you Father,
For letting me experience this earthly life,
with all of its trials and glories.
Thank you Father,
for the gentle woman now residing with you
Who brought life to me, through her daughter
I'm grateful to call her Grandma
Thank you Father, for this remarkable woman,
I'm blessed to call Mom!
For giving her knowledge, patience, compassion and love.
And the strength to endure any trials I cause her.
Thank you Father for loaning me
these two extraordinary spirits
Who despite my downfalls, Love me and call me Mom!
Thank you this day Father for letting me be a Mom!

My mother has lived in intense pain most of her life, but never did I see her complain or ask for people to wait on her. She raised 6 children, sewed all the girls dresses and gave of herself whenever possiable. Most people in pain dont stop to think of others, but Shirlene is always willing to serve. Even now with her health issues, she lives in a Care Center, but she knows all the patient's names, all the nurses names and makes friends with anyone who comes in her path. She is a very Giving, Compassionate and Loving person. I remember when I was a teenager, there were times I would get upset with her and argue about something not going my way. She never talked down to me, in fact, she would sit down and write me a letter telling me how wonderful I was and how much she loved me and how much the Lord loves me. Even at times when I was angry, she was Loving and Caring. It is hard to write about her without crying, because she is so Awesome and there are not enough words to describe who she is.

Mom you mean the world to me!

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  1. What a wonderful, emotional tribute to your mom. She sounds like an amazing woman (my mom had 5 kids and she used to make all our dresses, too!). Thank you for submitting your blog post to our Mother's Day blog contest. I wanted to let you know we'll be listing your post, along with all the others, on our site after we choose a winner on Mothers Day. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

    Holly Hamann - Founder, TheBlogFrog


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